You Are The Tide

I dreamed of someone like you, Someone who possessed that pull. As if you were the tide, Pulling me softly away from the rough grains of sand that held me in solitude for so long. And I let you carry me, out to where the ocean's depths are still unknown to man. But I did … Continue reading You Are The Tide


Lizard Wizard

What do you know about the wizard? Why I've heard he's fan of snakes, turtles, and lizards. That would seem like odd taste for a man of mystical magic, Though the truth behind the matter is really quite tragic. You see the people hail from both far and wide, Many have come, and many more … Continue reading Lizard Wizard


Sometimes I just sit and stare at the sunset, And I think- right there that's beauty. There're still beautiful things in this world. I guess I just need to find my own sunset, my own beauty in this life.