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June 29th, 2020

Hello everyone! I just did some major site updates and I think everything is looking a bit more professional now. I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me so I decided to start doing these little update posts so you can see what I’ve been getting into.

Firstly, my blessings go out to all of you reading this- that you’re safe, in good health, and having fun! The world has changed tremendously since the last time I posted and I think the way everyone across the globe interacts with each other will be rather different for some time to come. Personally I’m just doing my best to keep my energy high and give out good vibes to those I meet. We could all use a little more optimism and it’s awesome if you can be the person to inspire someone else- even if it’s just with a few kind words and a smile!

As far as writing goes, I have honestly been slacking off quite a bit if you hadn’t noticed. I’ve just started to get back in the groove of things now that I’m in the process of editing my latest manuscript. This novel isn’t a part of either of my established series- sorry Al Moreno and Wizarded Away fans, it’s going to be a little bit longer until the next one of those is released. This new book will most likely end up being a standalone. I’m not great with genres but I’d say its close to the lines of Realistic Fiction, New Adult, and Coming of Age. Right now it seems like it will also be my longest work yet- between 60,000 and 70,000 words.

All three of the books I currently have available have been self-published through Amazon KDP. However, my goal for this novel is to go the traditional publishing route. So while I’m editing the ever-living piss out of it, I’m also sending out query letters to agents in the masses. Choosing to begin my book writing career through the self-publishing route has given me experiences both amazing and not-so-great. The best parts about it have been getting the opportunity to share my writing with the world and learn a lot from my mistakes. I’ve also had to learn a variety of other skills being self-published, because when you go that route you pretty much have to do everything on your own. From making/running advertisements, gathering reviews, being my own publicist… and that’s just a little taste of it.

I’m feeling great about these next 2 to 3 months. I’m going to put in the effort during this time and see how it pays off! Hopefully with a book deal, a sincere literary agent, and a brand new read for you guys! Be safe out there and just read something!

The Coming of Spring

The sun has come from between the cloud. The birds all sing, they feel so proud, To be the welcomers of Spring anew, If only you knew how far they flew. The heavy rains have paved the way, For bright flowers to bloom and abolish the gray. Abundant green from grass to tree, Oh andContinue reading “The Coming of Spring”

Today Was So Simple

Today was so simple. I let the earth be my bed. The warm breeze was my blanket. And the only things that could tell me to leave my eyes open or closed were the sun and the moon. Featured Photo by Harald Arlander on Unsplash


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