Can you feel love?

Can you feel love?

If not I sometimes envy you.

For although it can feel the warmest at times it can be so blue.

Your spirit uplifted to the stars, two hearts intertwined.

If I could do it over though, I’d still hit rewind.

I’d relive all the days, both the good and the bad.

Because in all of my life, you were the best thing I ever had.

And my heart wants to scream- no this isn’t okay

But there’s nothing to be done, there is no other way.

You’ve made your choice- no matter what I try.

I wonder if in a way you’ll always be mine.

It’s a comforting thought but if I linger too long,

my life will have whisked away, completely gone.

And I can make the argument that it’d be worth it to fight my whole life,

but to get you back for just one day could never suffice.

For I wanted you, my dear, to the very day that is my last.

I never would have guessed love could fade so fast.

You were my forever and forever in my heart you will remain,

I love you, my darling, and I hope you can say the same.

4 thoughts on “Can you feel love?

  1. Could not figure out how to write a comment about your poem so I am sending it this way, Your poem was quite amazing. Do you know that almost every young person has felt exactly the same way as you wrote? I hope many young people read this so they will know that they are not the only one that has ever felt that way. You may be helping your readers a lot with this poem. Many will know such feelings but not be able to express them. Keep up the good work! you are amazing

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