Him and Her

They chatted through the days, they talked late into each night.

And then came the day when she was gone from his life.

No more texts, no calls, not even a wave.

The worst of it was, he had no way to save-

That wondrous connection that lasted great a whole year,

But as time went on after that their bond began to disappear.

Oh, the love was still there- they both knew of this,

But there were things they used to do that she had started to miss.

He tried so hard to be the way he had been before,

But you cannot carry on what is meant to be no more.

So as the second year approached they went their separate ways,

He said a lot of things he didn’t mean on that very last day.

How could he of known, that this time she’d leave for good?

Alone now he wished he had done all the things he knew he should.

A mix of emotions came over him- sadness, nostalgia, and rage.

Rather than saying it to her he should have written it down on a page.

But the words came out, he made it even worse-

Now there’s not even a friendship between him and her.

And now at times he’ll look down at his phone,

In hopes that’ll it be the call from her saying he can finally come home.

But his soul knows better, he went just one step too far,

And lost the one he loved more than the light of the stars.

He knows now he could do better, they could be happy again,

So listen to him now when he reveals his greatest sin.

If you know you can do better, for the love of your life,

Dear friend don’t wait to change, and you can be saved from my strife.


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