I did it.

I climbed the highest mountain I had ever seen before in my life-

And I’ve seen a good many, mind you.

Oh it took some rough and rocky travelin’ to get to the peak too.

Lots of obstacles, too many distractions, and other unseen elements that seemed to mystically keep me from ever reaching the top.

But I made it.

What did I expect to find up there? Wealth? My Soulmate?

Both wrong, I’m sorry to tell you friend.

I found something that you’re going to think I could have found at the bottom of the mountain. Or on the beach, or on a forest trail when the leaves have just turned green with the coming of Spring.

And maybe there are others who could find it there, perhaps even you reader.

But I had to climb the mountain to find it. I needed the tribulations I faced along the way to learn and experience and become ready for what awaited me at its summit.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, for that’s certainly not my intent.

I found something waiting for me that I had seen almost every morning I can remember when I wake up and look in the mirror.

I found myself.

But it wasn’t the me I had known every instance of my existence before I took that last step to reach the pinnacle.

It was the me I learned to listen to on my journeys all along the way.

And so from now on I embrace it.

I may have made my way back down the mountain but I am not the same traveler who first set out to climb it.

As I head back home from this journey I look in a new direction- what’s that over there I see?

It looks like a new mountain. A little taller than the last perhaps, maybe a bit rockier terrain.

But damn it if the top isn’t calling my name.


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