About The Author

Hey, thanks for taking an interest in learning a little bit more about me!  Ah, where to start?

In my free time I enjoy writing (DUH), hanging out with friends and family, and of course seeing the light of my life- my girlfriend.  I also have a cat named Sneesnaw (Snaw for short) who keeps me busy playing fetch with a number of his favorite toys.  Besides all that I play basketball occasionally, workout, and go hiking/kayaking.

My love of writing started when I was young, probably around age 10.  My dad used to pay me a couple bucks to write papers about subjects he assigned to me.  I also was a very avid reader from an early age which inspired me to write about a variety of topics.  I don’t think of writing as a job, so if it ever makes me a living someday I’ll be ecstatic!  I write mostly about the deeper thoughts of life, but you’ll find some pretty random articles on here as well.  I like to consider myself a pretty funny guy so I try to include humor where I can in my writing.

So that’s about it for me, oh before you go- sign up to receive my articles in your email!  Sorry, had to throw in a little marketing at the end.  It’s free and I promise you won’t get spam.

All the best,

Mason J. Schneider