A Flower For You

A flower for you, but what's the right type? I used to think you liked daisies, but perhaps I'm not right. I could pluck you a lily, or even my favorite white rose, But in the end, it matters not, for I may never know. Remember the summer nights, when the breezes were warm? And … Continue reading A Flower For You



I remember sitting with you, in the park next to the fountain. It was breezy and the wind seemed relentless against your hair, blowing it every which way. You turned away for a moment, your hand still in mine. And a thought rushed to my mind, a feeling swept through my heart. It was a … Continue reading Chills


I did it. I climbed the highest mountain I had ever seen before in my life- And I've seen a good many, mind you. Oh it took some rough and rocky travelin' to get to the peak too. Lots of obstacles, too many distractions, and other unseen elements that seemed to mystically keep me from … Continue reading Apex