Welcome To One Of My Favorite Pastimes

I’ve been writing poetry off and on since I was seventeen. It started off as a creative way to express myself but has grown into a passion! Now you’ll find that my subject matter generally consists of things like the four seasons, the sun and moon, and good vibes 🙂

The Coming of Spring

The sun has come from between the cloud. The birds all sing, they feel so proud, To be the welcomers of Spring anew, If only you knew how far they flew. The heavy rains have paved the way, For bright flowers to bloom and abolish the gray. Abundant green from grass to tree, Oh andContinue reading “The Coming of Spring”

Today Was So Simple

Today was so simple. I let the earth be my bed. The warm breeze was my blanket. And the only things that could tell me to leave my eyes open or closed were the sun and the moon. Featured Photo by Harald Arlander on Unsplash


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