What Lies Amongst The Stars

Deeply rooted am I to this Earth, like the greatest Oak in all the lands. But my spirit yearns for the stars and the secrets they hide behind their night skies. So each night when I lie down in my bed, I let that mysterious sleep wash over me, and my spirit goes to that … Continue reading What Lies Amongst The Stars


Evening Thoughts

Sometimes it is hard to be happy about what once was, when you long so badly for what could have been. Throughout your life so many people will come and go, and very few will stay for the long run. But if we always remain on "what could have been", how can we ever move … Continue reading Evening Thoughts

The Most Important Thing I’ve Ever Written

Wow, that's a big introduction! But trust me, this truly is the most important thing I have ever written. I'm going to tell you, yes specifically the person who is reading these very words, how you can make an actual dream come true. Now don't worry- I'm going to get to exactly how you can … Continue reading The Most Important Thing I’ve Ever Written

Two Forms Of Inspiration For Content Creators

You might be a fellow writer. Or you might be interested in making t.v. shows, movies, Youtube videos, painting, singing, making music beats, doing stand-up comedy, or you might create some form of content that I can't even think of. But what inspires you to create entertainment for others? Because ultimately- isn't there a form … Continue reading Two Forms Of Inspiration For Content Creators