New Thoughts That Come With A Warm Breeze

We often don't believe things are possible until we experience them ourselves. Even when we witness and physically see something that appears to be impossible, we are still left with our doubts. So perhaps this is why achieving your ultimate dream seems so impossible. You have not experienced it yet, as you haven't reached it … Continue reading New Thoughts That Come With A Warm Breeze


How could one ever put a definition to love? We think of things like roses, hearts, a flock of white doves, Fancy dinners, fine wines- but they don't define a thing. And love isn't always solidified by a hand with a ring. But that feeling you get, known only to you- when nothing can be … Continue reading L O V E

With Love Comes Loss But Not Without Hope

With Love Comes Loss A frightful thought indeed. For we fear the unknown changes that arise without need Who is to know whether the feeling will fade Or human nature will lead it to slip away. With love comes loss but it cannot be feared We Must Love Unconditionally, putting aside future tears. There is … Continue reading With Love Comes Loss But Not Without Hope

Age: A Human Created Concept

Growing older, an unavoidable occurrence which we must all face. Is it to be feared, welcomed, or avoided? Perhaps none of these truly describe the deep feelings associated with aging. For it is something that everyone must accept, from a toddler turning into a teenager, or someone celebrating their 90th birthday. Does each year have … Continue reading Age: A Human Created Concept